Aurovine - New Music Platform Goes Live May 11th

08 May — 'We have a plan - it's a simple plan to make artists and fans happy. We aim to do that by taking an altruistic approach and listening to what our users want in developing a lean but effective system" Aurovine's simple but astonishingly clever system enables fans to pay what they can afford for their favourite music. Because artists get to keep almost all the proceeds, they are happy to allow this interaction. The ethical nature of the system often sees fans paying in excess of the minimum.

March 2012

  1. Mar 13 announces Download Store Day

    Band to Fan music startup has announced an innovative launch day initiative called download store day. Bands are being asked to give away a studio track, rare demo or live song to 'liberate' them from the bootleg community. The bands can give it away free or sell it on a pay what you want basis with proceeds going to a nominated charity. Aurovine brings the Artist/Fan relationship to the fore by allowing Fans to influence the worth of the artists music.